I live the kitchen with passion, a space of creation

and presence from simple elements: local and seasonal foods, mainly of plant origin and grown in a way that is respectful and sustainable with the environment.


I bet for the elaboration of dishes adapted to the individual needs and the season of the year in which we are.


I am also interested in nutrition being rich in nutrition and balancing at the body, emotional and mental levels.


I love the combination of tastes, colors, and textures when making a dish and at the same time enhance the real taste of each of the elements that make it up.


The workshops I teach are a space of sharing , of proposals and discoveries, where curiosity is welcomed and the listening of oneself is very well received: making the act of cooking and eating a moment of nourishment in many aspects.


I like to say that how we relate to food is how we relate to and in life.


Education: Biologist, Master in Organic Agriculture, Professor of Natural and Energy Cooking, in training as a Dietitian, Gestalt therapist.



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